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Secret Life of A Hairstylist

Samantha Lacoste

I’m just a hairstylist, how am I supposed to be a photographer, a social media manager, a receptionist, a marketing manager, and an entrepreneur as well?Welcome to The Secret Life of a Hairstylist Podcast where we shatter the term “I’m just a hairstylist” and help inspire you behind the chair.I’m Samantha and I am a hairstylist, educator and salon owner and I want to help inspire you with tips from how to manage your social media to how to sell retail to how to continue a positive mindset making you more money as a stylist. Every week I will share my own experiences over the last ten years PLUS bring in amazing experts from all over the hair industry to share their secrets on success.So what do you say, are you ready to challenge yourself, get inspired and build your dream business behind the chair?